Ras Kuuku
Ras Kuuku

Ghanaian reggae/dancehall musician, Ras Kuuku, says he doesn’t believe in the concept of dying before one goes to heaven.

Most religious leaders preach to their members to live a life free from sin and do more good if they want to go to heaven in the afterlife.

But, according to Ras Kuuku, who is a certified Rastafarian, he believes the true paradise resides on earth because “the Bible teaches us so.”


“Even in Genesis [2:13], the Bible makes mention of Ethiopia and that should tell you Heaven is on earth. It went ahead to talk about paradise having gold, diamond, all the other minerals. The earth is the Lords’ and God is within us. After here, what God will do it’s up to him,” Ras Kuuku said.

The musician further explained that, he believes that God is a spirit and that this spirit was manifested in King H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I, hence doesn’t tow the Jesus’ doctrines.

“Having dreads doesn’t qualify you to be a Rasta. It’s someone who believes in Rasta Fari. He is the Lion of Judah and Rasta Fari wasn’t any mere King. I have learnt a lot and realised Africa is the greatest place to be,” he told host Black I in Twi.

“When you watch Jesus Film, he cried before his death, why? He came down from Heaven so why should he cry going back to where he came from?” Ras queried.

Ras Kuuku has released his new full Album dubbed ‘Kuntunkununku the Heaviest’ which is making some big waves across the globe.