The National Media Commission will not have it easy implementing its new rules as regard religious broadcasts on television, radio and social media.

This is because just hours after the rules were made public, General Overseer of Glorious Word Power Ministry International, Isaac Owusu Bempah, has called the bluff of the Commission.

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According to Rev Bempa, the NMC has no right to decide for pastors what prophecies to give or not to give.

For him, Christians deserve to be informed about prophecies, irrespective of the forms in which they may appear to them.

“My prophecies are not lies so you cannot give guidelines and say we are causing fear and panic,” he fumed.

The NMC rules, among other instructions, prohibit religious groups from broadcasting materials that cause fear and panic among the citizenry.

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But according to Rev Bempa, God doesn’t always prophesy good things into the lives of his children.

He said prophecies come through men of God to forewarn particular individuals, a group of persons or a nation of an imminent event which they ought to pray about to avert, citing examples from the Bible.

“Ghanaians need to be aware of the happenings in the country whether good or bad and so we won’t stop broadcasting. Our prophecies rather make them sit up and prepare for the Lord” he said on Neat FM Monitored by

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The NMC is asking for the appreciation of the multi-cultural and diversity of religions within society and the need to protect children and vulnerable persons from exploitation.

The Commission says the new rules are expected to ensure sanity within the media space as some religious broadcasters were infringing on the rights of certain groups of people through their broadcasts.

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But Rev Bempah says the guidelines will not see the day of light because he will not bury his gift.







  1. Is Owusu Bimpah saying that because of “prophecies” common sense is not needed…that is not even biblical. God is not the author of confusing rather the devil.

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