I am not a student of love, but I believe in love. Yes! This is ambiguous but that is who I am.

This position has defined my love life for the past 20 years, until I heard the love story of the King of the Ashanti Kingdom, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II and his wife, Lady Julia.

At the 74th birthday dinner of the revered King, Lady Julia shared a touching and lovely of how they met. Very unconventional but Otumfuo’s A-game worked magic for him and the rest was history.

Lady Julia reveals how she met Otumfuo, pens a love letter to husband [Watch]

Over a decade, this couple who share two wonderful children together has lived happily ever. Even though the Asante King is entitled to many wives, he has remained faithful to his wife, Lady Julia.

I have studied the royal couple from afar and after hearing this love story, I have turned on a new leaf. Haahaahaa.

Oh, Yes!

I always had a Plan B in any relationship because of my insecurity. I will quickly jump out of the boat if I suspect anything.

I have been doing this for God knows how long and in my opinion, it has worked for me. But little did I know that, this bad behaviour is robbing me off very good men.

I remember one guy, Emmanuel, a very successful young banker who was head over heels over me. He did a lot of crazy things, all in the name of love.

This guy lives at Teshie-Nungua and I was then at the University of Ghana. He would come on campus at 6: am just to visit me.

He did this about three times and I this got on my nerves. I just lost interest in him because my friends mocked me.

What even broke the camel’s back was when he introduced me to his parents just weeks of our meeting. I just ended the relationship in my head, there and then.

Many other men who came my way faced similar fate because in my mind, they were not my spec.

I count myself very lucky because in spite of my being picky, I was still hot; unfortunately, lol.

Now that I have finally settled and very happy in my current relationship; Otumfuo and Lady Julia’s love story will be my inspiration.

The attributes I have picked from studying them from far includes:




These attributions, I believe if I adopt, will help my live happily ever after with my perfect and down to earth partner.

I am now very matured, and I am certain jumping out of the boat is no longer an option.

Love leads

I rest my case.


The author, Adwoa Gyasiwaa Agyeman is an Assisting Editor of Adomonline.com. She is also a global citizen who writes on socio-political issues of grave concern to Ghanaians. You can reach her at adwoa1000@yahoo.com or Linkedin Adwoa Agyeman.