In a bid to tackle the prevalent chieftaincy tensions and unrest gripping the Oti Region, the Regional Minister designate, DSP Daniel Machatorh (Rtd) has called for unity among chiefs and residents, emphasizing its pivotal role in fostering economic development.

The Oti Region is ensnared in a web of chieftaincy tensions and unrest, posing a significant threat to its socio-economic progress.

Responding to these challenges head-on, Mr. Machator has taken proactive measures to advocate for peace as an indispensable catalyst for the region’s advancement.

During a poignant address at Dambai’s swearing-in ceremony for the Nkwanta Municipal Chief Executive and Krachi West, Minister Machator highlighted the cultural diversity and economic potential of the Oti region, juxtaposed against the backdrop of tribal conflicts and political upheaval.

He underscored the adverse effects of these conflicts, citing their hindrance to development initiatives and the jeopardy they pose to the safety and well-being of residents.

The Minister emphasized the paramount importance of unity, dialogue, and tolerance among the region’s diverse ethnic groups, firmly believing that sustainable development hinges upon an environment of peace and stability.

He has remained steadfast in his commitment to promoting peace building initiatives, aiming to cultivate a conducive atmosphere for growth, investment, and prosperity in the region.

Echoing Mr. Machator’s sentiments, Volta Regional Minister, Dr. Achibald Yao Letsa addressed Municipal and District Chief Executives (MDCEs), urging them to justify the trust bestowed upon them by the populace and the President.

Dr. Letsa emphasized the collective responsibility for the region’s sustainable development, urging MDCEs to swiftly implement government development policies, notably the “One District, One Factory” and “Planting for Food and Jobs” programs.

Meanwhile, the newly sworn Municipal Chief Executive for Nkwanta South, Owusu expressed gratitude to assembly members for their support, underlining the imperative need for peace and stability in the municipality.