Origo Health launches world-class health experience
Origo Health launches world-class health experience

Origo Health, a digital healthcare provider based in Ghana has launched a premium health care service to transform how patients and health care providers connect to deliver the best healthcare outcomes.

According to the some players in the healthcare provision industry, Origo Health solves the most critical health issues and care delivery problems through mobile phones at an affordable cost across all population segments.

Origo Health brings affordable and accessible healthcare to Ghanaians through collaborative messaging and virtual access to health care providers.

Origo Health has a plan for everyone as they leverage advanced technology to deliver relevant health information in real-time to remove the time and costs for travelling to health centres and locations.

“Our network of providers can be seen or spoken with on demand and when necessary, subscribers can be seen in person at participating healthcare facilities,” a statement from the company has said.

The company’s solutions include delivering superior health care outcomes and experiences for subscribers at reduced costs, compared to insurance or cash payments for services.

Origo’s customers do not have to pay for doctor’s visits when they subscribe to the paid plans.

Origo has the ability to connect people through mobile devices to healthcare providers in real-time for instant information, consultation, solutions and care as there is the rare opportunity to deliver real results through monthly subscription plans at the price of a meal.

Industry experts say due to the lack of easy access to healthcare facilities and a crippling provider/patient ratio of over 1/10,000, there is a significant coverage gap to be met.

The Origo Health solution is a cloud-based exchange that brings patients, providers and healthcare services together through a mobile app, text messaging, video chat and in-person experiences that deliver education, information, consultation and other valuable services.

“We leverage expertise, curated information, a secure information vault and AI/ML to keep costs low while delivering care rapidly, securely and efficiently through the platform,” a company communication has explained.

Patients are matched with providers automatically and answers to questions are provided 24×7.

The company delivers its services through paid subscriptions – monthly, annual – and provide healthcare delivery in three service tiers: Annual, Monthly or Pay as you Go.

Payments are also collecetd through mobile money and credit cards.

The Origo scheme pays the healthcare provider for consultations, so that subscribers don’t have to worry about healthcare bills.

The scenarios that make Origo apt

A store owner has a lot of pain but cannot leave the store to go to the doctor or pharmacy because of lack of time and money.

They call Origo Health and within 30 minutes, they get connected to see a doctor on their phone and receive a prescription at the store.

No payment is required because they are on the monthly plan.

The company streamlines the delivery of healthcare by harnessing, managing, and connecting patients, information, and doctors to improve health and well-being, reduce delivery costs, and positively impact the lives of customers.

A post-surgery patient was in lots of pain because the surgery was not done well and needed to be fixed.

The patient tried several herbal remedies, but the pain kept getting worse. Patient calls Origo Health and nurses recommend ice treatment and setup up an appointment with a Doctor who intends recommends a follow-up surgery.

The patient is no longer in pain, no payment required, and the patient saves lots of travel time back and forth and appointment costs”.

The Origo Health app is available on android and IOS. Customers can use the app to book online appointments and visits for situations that do not require in-person visits.