As part of efforts in the reorganization process of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr. Kwabena Donkor; the former Power Minister in the Mahama administration has entreated student groups in all tertiary institutions to recognize themselves as the brain box of the party and the brain of the youth front to ensure effective operation of the party in every part of the country.

He said neglecting the TEIN is neglecting to win power, as they have the majority votes when it comes to elections.

According to him, the society is coherently conservative and that, the NDC as a political party cannot win elections, but rather floating voters win elections for a party. He stated that, opposition is not a nice place for a political party and explained that the NDC lost the 2016 elections because it seems they (NDC) were tired of power and invited NPP to come and ‘chop’ a bit.

Speaking as Guest Speaker at the first general meeting of TEIN branch at the University of Education Winneba-Kumasi campus (UEW-K), he cautioned members of the party to desist from politics of insult, as the days of insult in politics is over.

He reminded them that, the insults during the elections did not help the NDC as a political party, and said it is time to always update their methodologies, as their political methodology must not remain constant.

The former minister encouraged the students to move away from personality politics and regal vanise around the principles of the party, adding that the NDC would align with government if its policies are in the interest of the citizens.

Dr. Donkor noted it is time the NDC changed its strategies of doing politics, because it is not advisable to do things the same way and expert different results or outcome. He commended TEIN at UEW-K for their effort and determination to be part of the Association, noting that it takes boldness to become an NDC supporter or sympathizer in the Ashanti Region.

Mr. Yaw Brogya Genfi, the Ashanti Youth Organizer, encouraged the students’ association to disseminate the message of hope for the party and good policies and programmes the Mahama-administration initiated for the welfare of the citizens, and urged the youth to bring the NDC back in 2020.

He disclosed that, the NPP won the 2016 elections out of lies and because it is obvious NPP does not have any developmental programme or projects for the country, to affect the teaming youth positively.