Online store owners have an opportunity to take advantage of a new online marketplace platform that has announced its presence in Ghana.

The platform,, gives designers or store owners the platform to sell their products online and reach new audiences.

Birthday glamour only comes once a year but fashion is offering the opportunity for every day to be celebrated with some fabulous clothes.

The marketplace is currently offering a 10% discount on every purchase made, regardless of the amount spent and the number of times buyers may shop.

The discount feature can be accessed upon checkout by entering the discount code SHOP10OFF into the coupon code field on the checkout page. has several exciting tricks up its sleeve, treating new customers to some big surprises and delightful moments including exclusive and special offers, as well as major brand collaborations.

The platform offers convenience when shopping, unlike the traditional markets and also provides a wide range of fashion and lifestyle products.

The online platform prides itself in being a safe haven with zero chance of scams since store owners only get paid after customers have received their products.

Fashion creatives are not left out of the package as Oparlor provides a comprehensive channel to sell and promote their fashion products to reach new customers.

There are also tools to manage stores effectively with inventory management and sales reporting features, as well as all marketing costs and strategies with creative and modern marketing techniques to appeal to avid shoppers.

An important feature of Oparlor is that it does not charge a subscription or listing fee compared to other e-commerce platforms, ensuring the store owners only pay when they get paid.