Northamptonshire Police’s Wootton Hall headquarters suffered a bee infestation, an incident that forced the security operatives to evacuate. 

The police station became a hive of activity just as a Facebook live session was about to begin last week. The event had to be cancelled.

Despite having their own swat team, they decided to call a local beekeeper to rescue them.

Footage of the bees was shared on social media with the hashtags #beesintheboardroom and #stingoperation.

Police officers forced out of police station by bees (photos)
The swarm concentrated on a window in a room where a public Facebook live session was due to be recorded (Picture: Northamptonshire Police / SWNS)

In the short clip, the bees could be seen swarming around a window with a loud buzzing noise clearly audible. The force wrote: ‘Soooo, we had a Facebook Live Q&A scheduled for today on response policing.

‘However, the room we do them in has been taken over by a swarm of bees. There are 1000s!

‘We have had to postpone it for now but will advertise a new date soon so watch this space.’

Police officers forced out of police station by bees (photos)

It later provided an update on the fiasco saying the beekeeper was in the process of safely removing the insects.

‘@NorthantsChief however has been making enquiries as to whether we could find small enough uniforms and put them to work ‘#StingOperation,’ it added.

The event led members of the public to suggest Northhamptonshire Police send in a ‘swat team’ while another said officers should issue the bees with a dispersal order.

One person joked: ‘No luck catching them bees then,’ in reference to the policing comedy film Hot Fuzz, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

The force replied: ‘We’d have more luck with swans…’

Another added ‘You guys have got to be pollen our leg with this tweet’ while one person quipped: ‘Careful, it could be a honey trap!’

The live Q&A which was due to take place with Inspector Gareth Court and head of local policing Chief Superintendent Adam Ward is set to be rescheduled.