Visually impaired Stephen Nyameke performs 'Akodaa Wisoa' by Amakye Dede at Nsoromma 2019

Visually impaired Nsoromma season two contestant, Stephen Nyameke, has apologised to Adom TV for claiming that the media house took bribes during the recently-held children’s music reality contest, Nsoromma.

Stephen emerged 5th at the end of the 13-week long contest, only to claim in a recent interview with a blogger that some of his colleague contestants paid bribes during the contest.

His unsubstantiated allegations forced the Management of Adom TV to issue a statement to refute the claims which the young singer, Stephen, has now apologised for.

The Nsoromma contestant has also asked for the forgiveness of Ghanaians for his claims which he says are a misrepresentation of what he intended to say.

In an apology video he recorded and released on Tuesday, Stephen said he did not mean to say Adom TV took bribe.


According to him, what he wanted to communicate was the fact that the competition was votes-based but he failed to garner enough votes to help him win.

“Please forgive me,” he pleaded in Twi.

A teacher who has been helping Nyameke throughout the Nsoromma show and who was by him at the time he made the allegations of bribery also added his voice to the apology which has since been circulating on social media.

“But for Adom TV, we wouldn’t be anywhere; we plead with you to forgive us,” the teacher pleaded.

The apology video was posted on the Instagram account of the blogger on his blog the original bribe-taking claims were made.

Find the video below: