NPP reacts to NDC's 'alcoholic induced' protest

New Patriotic Party (NPP) executives in the Sefwi Wiaso constituency have reacted to some actions of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) concerning the 2020 parliamentary elections.

According to the NDC, the outcome of the parliamentary elections was a stolen verdict and that, their failed candidate ought to have been declared the winner and not Dr Kwaku Afriyie.

NPP reacts to NDC’s ‘alcoholic induced’ protests

Yesterday, the Sefwi Wiaso NDC sympathisers stormed the streets after picketing the Electoral Commission’s office to demand answers for an alleged missing ballot box.

The NPP, in response, said the opposition must be told that dissatisfaction cannot be settled on the streets, adding “common sense should have directed the NDC the appropriate forum for a proper ventilation of their so-called grievance.”

Sefwi Wiaso, the executives disclosed in a press conference, has always been an NPP seat, and this year’s result was evident the people were happy with the elephant and would not on any day settle on a ‘perforated umbrella’.

“The party is minded by the dust thrown out in the public domain by the NDC to poison the atmosphere for people to believe that their failed parliamentary candidate has been cheated without providing any substantial basis to back their alcoholic induced claims,” it said.

NPP reacts to NDC’s ‘alcoholic induced’ protest

The NPP executives stated that they were unconcerned about the series of protests by the NDC, but has cautioned on no account must their party members be attacked.

The NPP, however, called on the security agencies in the region to conduct a thorough investigation into some of the skirmishes and bring perpetrators to book.