The General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketia has attributed the insistent violence perpetrated by vigilante groups under the Akufo-Addo-led government to the absence of discipline and castigation of culprits by government.
According to him, NPP members are being treated as though they are superior to all other Ghanaians and hence deserve to be let go even when they put up acts that threaten the peace of the country.
He argues, that these perpetrators have been encouraged by leadership of their party because they have been allowed to go scot free on a number of occasions regardless of the magnitude of the effects the acts are likely to have on the country.
“These attacks have grown in magnitude and they include attacks on security services, we have incidents where military officers have been lynched by mobs, we have instances where these vigilante groups calling themselves variously; Invisible forces, Delta forces, etc. invade police stations, break into cells and release suspects because they claim the NPP members are immune to any form of arrest in other words, they are living above the law because they happen to be members of a party living in power”, he said.
Speaking to the international community at a Socialist forum in Germany, Mr. Nketia said the upsurge of political vigilantism in Ghana is an element that has the tendency to strip the country of its peace and stability.
According to him, the dominance of such violent political groups who seize power in their respective countries should not be undermined, indicating that such factions have contributed to the displacement of lives and settlements across several nations on the globe and hereby should be abolished.
On this grounds, he called for an intervention in the security affairs of Ghana and called on government to act appropriately to bring an end to the activities of vigilantism in the country.