Voting at the New Patriotic Party (NPP) National Delegates Conference at the Accra Sports Stadium has ended.

Officials of the Electoral Commission (EC) are sorting the ballot for counting. The police have taken over the inner parameter to prevent party delegates from disrupting the process.

Agents of the aspirants are the only ones allowed to observe the process.

In all, a total of 6,166 delegates voted at this year’s Conference.

They comprise 4,692 constituency executives, 272 regional executives 291 TESCON Presidents, 324 external branches and 15 national patrons.

Delegates who voted also include 15 National Council of Elders, 20 National Executives, 60 National Council Members and 50 founding members.

The rest include 138 MPs, 23 ministers, five deputy ministers and 261 Municipal, Metropolitan and District Chief Executives.

Below are photos: