The Member of Parliament for Tamale Central, Inusah Fuseini says he has no doubt that the governing New Patriotic Party is behind the document circulating in the media as the Kwesi Botchwey Committee report.

Describing the contents of the over 50-page executive summary of the report as fake, he said it was impossible for the Prof. Kwesi Botchwey Committee to produce the things are being cited as having been written in the report.

Speaking on Joy News TV’s news analysis programme Newsfile on Saturday, Mr Fuseini who is also a Ranking Member of the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee in Parliament, said “We have always not doubted the capacity of the NPP to do such a thing, we have never doubted.”

“I even believe that when the committee was going round, probably there were sponsored persons who took part, so I have no doubt.

“That is why I can see some unexplained interests in the report produced by the Kwesi Botchwey Committee by the NPP, I am not surprised,” he added.

The much-awaited Prof. Kwesi Botchwey committee report on the crushing defeat of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) at the 2016 polls was submitted to the party in June after six months of work.

Recommending a “peacemaking and healing tour”, Prof Botchwey who presented the 455-page report said the NDC must assemble “credible and eminent” personalities in the party to lead the tour.

The decision by the leadership of the NDC not to make the document public continues to generate speculations on what really the report contains.

Joy News, however, secured a copy of the executive summary of the report and made a series of reports on in the week.

It listed among other things that contributed to the party’s loss in the 2016 elections including former president John Mahama’s ‘movie star’ lifestyle, the treatment of party members at the grassroots and the non-release of cash meant for the campaign.

It also said the NDC lost the elections because internally, it was divided.

But Mr Fuseini like all other NDC bigwigs who have commented on the leaked report, has refuted claims in the report.

“And you think that a committee chaired by the venerable Prof Botchwey will produce such a report? The NPP was really divided, everybody knew, they sacked their chairman and general secretary but they won the elections.

“So how could the venerable Prof Botchwey produce a report like this. It is not true. Everytime we conduct elections for our executive officers, some will win, some will lose and it has never divided the party,” he stated.

He said the real Kwesi Botchwey report  will go a long way to help the party deal with some issues as regards the 2016 elections.

Mr Fuseini added that all serious-minded political parties who fail to accomplish a goal, must do an internal soul-searching and NDC chose to do it in a big way.

“We need to continue the fight and in order to do that we must understand the goals we stand for, how to pursue them and direct our energies, passions and strengths toward the realization of the goals,” he said.

He, however, stressed that the report  is not meant for public consumption rather, “it is meant for the internal consumption of the NDC.”