The National Petroleum Authority (NPA) is assuring consumers of petroleum products that there will be no fuel shortage in the country.

Chief Executive Officer, Hassan Tampuli, says the Authority has enough products in stock as such, fears of shortage are unfounded.

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“We have enough stock in the country. We have diesel for almost five weeks, petrol, five weeks, LPG, we have about one week, aviation fuel almost three and half weeks.

“We have enough products in the country more than Malaysia has, as developed as they are, so we do not have any challenges,” he said.

Mr Tampuli’s assurance comes after some members of the Tanker Drivers Union (TDU) embarked on a sit-down strike on Monday, over poor working conditions.

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The Union which made up of over 4,000 bulk transporters of petrol, diesel and other petroleum products has said its members will park their tankers until the NPA addresses concerns relating to their working conditions and welfare.

“Enough is enough. We are no longer slaves to warrant this kind of treatment meted out to us. We are putting down our tools to see whether petroleum products will be carried across the country,” Chairman of the Union, George Nyaunu, told Adom News over the weekend.

Not only did they park their tankers, but they also refused to let other drivers who are against the strike to go about their duties.

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Describing the protest as illegal, Mr Tampuli said: “a whole lot of them do not support this illegal strike and they are trying to physically stop them from loading.”

He said the drivers have every right to strike but are not allowed to stop others from working.

Joy News’ Emefa Dzradosi was at the Tema Oil Refinery at midday and reported that security personnel had to fire warning shots to disperse the angry drivers after misunderstandings between themselves caused some chaos.