Popular Songstress, Sista Afia, disagrees with Akosua Agyapong’s attack on managers for the way many female artistes dress.

According to Sista Afia, this is a different era with a different vibe so there is nothing wrong with female acts wearing seductive dresses.

Sista Afia explained, for her, her manager leans towards the less exposing dresses. “I can wear something to perform but he’ll let the stylist put more covering to it.”

She told Dr Pounds on Hitz FM she sometimes does not listen to her manager even though she can do without seductive outfits “but then I’m a performer, its all part of it.”

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”So we shouldn’t wear seductive dresses,” she quizzed.

However, Akosua Agyapong explained the seductive outfits of ladies put them in a negative way. “The funny thing is those dresses do not make the popularity last.”

She told Mercury Quaye on Success Story on Hitz FM that she made a promise to dress well and respect herself, “because if you don’t respect yourself, no one will respect you.”

Akosua Agyapong said the consequences may come in the future when they want to correct the ways of their children.

The singer explained some parents have complained to her that they are having challenges with their children because whatever they tell the kids, they refer them to the things they did in the past.

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However, Sista Afia maintains: “We are not in those ages no more, this is like a different era, a different breeze. If we want to catch up [to the changing trends of the society] there are so many things we have a lot to do.” 

Sista Afia stated, her mother sometimes does not like some of the dresses she wears, “but she knows I’m a performer and advises me to dress sexy if I want to but with less skin exposure.”