President Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari

With over 200 million population according to the United Nations (UN) population index, Nigeria is faced with numerous challenges among which is the stability of electricity.

On the outer scale, the problem of lack of access to power has brought some companies down to their feet, with foreign investors also being chased away due to irregular power supply.

In 2018, Nigeria officially overtook India (a nation of 1.366 billion population) as the country with the most population without stable or regular access to electricity.

According to the World Bank cited by TheCableIndex, 85 million Nigerians are denied a regular power supply, making the most populous African nation to lead the pack which is unfortunately dominated by black countries.

The top ten are:

1. Nigeria – has 85 million

2. Dr Congo – 68 million

3. India – 64 million

4. Pakistan – 61 million

5. Ethiopia – 60 million

6. Tanzania – 36 million

7. Uganda – 25 million

8. Bangladesh – 24 million

9. Mozambique – 20 million

10. Madagascar – 19 million