The newly elected executives of the Krachi Youth Association of Ghana have been charged with the responsibility of prioritizing development.

The executives were elected in a peaceful and transparent process during the annual Krachi Youth Association Congress at Kete-Krachi.

They have vowed to work tirelessly to bring about positive change and progress in the Krachi communities.

Speaking in an interview with Adom News, the newly elected National Organiser Richard Kumah Denteh and Vice President Asante Abdul-Rahman, emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration to achieve their goals.

They stated that it is important for both executive members and the the Krachi communities to work together as a team to address the challenges facing the area and create opportunities for growth and development.

The executives outlined a number of key priorities, including improving access to education, healthcare, and infrastructure in the region.

They have also pledged to support youth empowerment initiatives and to promote entrepreneurship and job creation.

In a show of support for the newly elected executives, Oti Regional DSP (rtd) Minister Daniel Machator also advocated for peace and unity in the region.

He stressed the importance of working together to build a better future for all residents of Krachi.

The Oti Regional Minister commended the youth for their commitment to serving their community and encouraged them to stay focused on their goals.

DSP (rtd) Machator believe that with dedication and hard work, the Krachi Youth Association can make a real difference in the lives of the people in this region.