File photo: Market

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has disconnected power supply to the state-of-art Kejetia Market over accumulated debt.

Commercial activities have been disrupted as the trading hub is plunged into darkness and heat.

Adom News’ checks indicate some traders at the facility have not been paying electricity bills for over five months, compelling the ECG to cut the power and withdraw services.

Amidst darkness and heat, traders use their mobile phones and torchlights to transact business.


Traders at the second and last floors are relying on sun rays for lighting but the first floor is plunged into darkness.

Some traders are displeased with management of the facility.

Leadership of trade unions at the facility are unhappy with the development.

They re-echoed the need for management to urgently get them separate meters.

City Mayor, Samuel Pyn, says he awaits a full briefing from the management of the facility on the challenge.

He has, however, asked ECG to connect the power while the authority negotiates a payment plan.