Ghanaian musician, Black Sherif, has had his fair share of lookalikes since rising to stardom in 2022.

A new lookalike has popped up on social media again.

In a hilarious video, a young Ghanaian man who is believed to share similar facial and bodily features with Black Sherif dressed like him and tried to mimic his stage antics.

The young fellow had peeps laughing as he tried to move his body and twist his neck in a similar way to that of Sherif.

His attempt to behave like the musician did not come off perfectly, which made the video even funnier.

Peeps called him hilarious names like Black Sherif from Jumia and mocked him, saying he was an inferior version of Black Sherif.

The young man jammed to Sarkodie and Black Sherif’s Country Side song.

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