GITEX Africa 2024 ( was the perfect opportunity for Netopia Solutions to showcase its achievements over the past 20 years as the leading provider of Identity Management and E-Government Solutions in Morocco.  GITEX allowed us also to link with Identity and E-Gov customers in Morocco and Africa, as well as international partners to develop and market our solutions in E-Health, AI and Cybersecurity.

Since 2004, Netopia Solutions has been a leading national player in the digital transformation of public administrations and organizations in Morocco.

Netopia has demonstrated through major government and private-sector projects its ability to deliver on time, cutting-edge, competitive, practical, and high-quality solutions to our country’s administrations, strategic organizations and corporations.

Our solutions are structuring on a national level, improving the lives of millions of Moroccan citizens by facilitating their access to digitalized services, simplifying their administrative journeys, and contributing to the quality and transparency of public services.

Netopia provides end-to-end secure solutions based on open architectures, guaranteeing our customers total control over the solution and the data.  We pride ourselves on being a contributor to our national digital sovereignty.

Our expertise is internationally recognized in the fields of identity management, biometrics, E-Gov solutions, and digitization and dematerialization of administrative and corporate business processes.

Biometrics and Identity Management

National Civil Registry Management System (RNEC)                                   Ministry of Interior
Biometric Passport Management                                                                  Ministry of Interior
Passport Management Interoperability Platform                                          Dar As-Sikkah / MI
Integrated Biometric Prison Management System                                        Ministry of Justice


Elections Management System                                                                 Ministry of Interior
National Social Registry (Targeting of social welfare programs)                         UNDP / MI
Social Welfare Payments System (Tadamoun Covid)                                 Ministry of Interior
Land Registry and Property certificate management                       National Land Registry Agency
Covid-19 Vaccination Management System                                                Ministry of Health
Digitization of marriage, real estate and personal contracts                         Ministry of Justice
Integrated Management of agricultural aids and incentives                      Ministry of Agriculture
Social Benefits Payment Platform                                                               CDG Prévoyance

Corporate IT Solutions

ONCF Railway transport mobile application                                      National Railway Company
ONCF Management of freight transportation                                    National Railway Company
Self-Care application (online services, virtual agency)                                 Maroc Telecom

Cyber Security and Data Protection

Strong authentication solution for secure exchanges                              Gendarmerie Royale
Strategic Intelligence Solutions                                                                      Confidential
Cybersecurity Solutions                                                                 ONDA National Airport Company
Cybersecurity Solutions                                                                                Confidential


MED ERP Integrated Hospital Management                              Foundation Cheikh Khalifa Hospital
MED ERP Integrated Hospital Management                                      Rabat University Hospital
Virtual Reality Medical Teaching Assistant                                                 Beta Testing
AI decision tool for medical professionals                                                  Beta Testing

We look forward to continued innovation and excellence in delivering quality solutions to our customers in Morocco and Africa in the next years.

See you all next year at GITEX Africa 2025

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of GITEX Africa.