Bolgatanga Central Legislator, Isaac Adongo, has solidarised with shareholders of collapsed banks, explaining that the attempt to describe them as thieves was uncalled for and amounts to “adding salt to injury.”

He said at a forum organised by the Progressive Alliance Media Communicators on the banking crisis that although the challenges facing banks were encompassing, the government and the Bank of Ghana had decided to vilify directors and shareholders in order to escape blame.

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This posture, he said was unfortunate and amounts to stifling Ghanaian entrepreneurship.

As a result, he said a National Democratic Congress (NDC) government will not hesitate to return assets of the collapsed banks to their owners “unless they are found to have committed some tangible illegalities.”

As a result, he said shareholders of the seven collapsed banks – UT and Capital banks in August 2017 and the Beige, Royal, Construction, Sovereign and uniBank banks in August 2018 – and all persons affected by the action should be assured of fair treatment when the party comes to power.

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He mentioned the government’s indebtedness to the collapsed banks, the involvement of current directors of Consolidated Bank with the now defunct banks and the choice of collapse over bailout as issues that raise flags about the genuineness of the decision.


  1. This must be an NDC man. Think, think and think again. Does the collapsing of the banks benefit Ghanaians savers or only Mr. Addison and co plus the president and family? I don’t think Ghanaians will give the NDC
    the chance to come back and mess with the banking sector again after this wonderful and sensible move by the current drivers of the BOG.

  2. Adongo is a cheap politician.
    He should be advised to prevail on Otabil et al to return all the looted funds.
    For all you know he and other NDC politicians are co conspirators in these crimes against the Ghanaian ppl!!

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