The National Democratic Congress (NDC), even in opposition, is still against the implementation of the Free Senior High School Education policy of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government and is reportedly planning to destroy the programme before it takes off.

So far, Mr. Mahama’s hopes of leading the NDC again for the 2020 elections, look bright, credible sources in the corridors of the party have disclosed on condition of anonymity.

They claimed that Mr. Mahama’s only fear is that if the Free Education policy, which is popular in the country, becomes successful after it has taken off in September, then his chances of becoming president again will be dashed.

“Mr. Mahama is aware that the Free Education policy will benefit every household in the country and it will affect his chances of winning the 2020 poll,” a source confided in the paper.

The source alleged that the NDC is therefore initiating several sinister plots to make sure that the policy fails, as it engages fifth columnists in the secret service as well as education authorities.

SA Mercenaries

The NDC, which days in political office were characterized by open corruption and mismanagement, is said to have invited some South Africans into Ghana.

These foreigners, who are reportedly already in the country, have been tasked to tour the country and come out with a clear-cut ‘fiendish’ policy that will help destroy the Free Education policy.

The South Africans are said to be moving round the country with sophisticated gadgets to gather key information, geared towards shooting down the Free Education policy.

BNI Operatives

According to reports, the NDC is also soliciting support from the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) operatives who are loyal to the party, especially in the three northern regions as well as the Volta Region, to tap information for the party on how to undermine the NPP flagship educational programme.

The NDC leader is reported to have engaged some BNI operatives to help destroy the Free Education policy even before the policy kick-starts. Recently, the BNI was said to have conducted opinion polls on the policy and purportedly reported that the programme is discriminatory because it will only target brilliant students.

GES Staff

The NDC’s clandestine plot against the Free Education programme is said to have been extended to some Ghana Education Service (GES) staff, believed to be known NDC supporters and sympathizers.

These GES staff, according to credible reports, have also been specifically tasked to frustrate the system so that it will not see the light of day.

Coordinating Directors

According to the sources, the opposition party is also said to have challenged some district coordinating directors in most of the assemblies in the country, who are staunch members of the party, to work clandestinely to kill the policy.

Confirmed Secret Meetings

It has been confirmed that the NDC’s teams have had a series of meetings with regional and district directors of education as well as heads of educational institutions in the three northern regions, geared at sabotaging the programme.

Private Schools

The plan does not involve only stakeholders in the public sector, but has also been extended to owners and heads of some private senior high schools (SHS).

These private SHS owners have reportedly been brainwashed by Mr. Mahama’s teams to strongly kick against the implementation of the Free Education policy because its implementation will collapse their business.

“Interestingly, education in the country is free at the primary school level, yet the various private primary schools are still in business. Therefore the claim that free education will collapse private schools at the SHS level is a hoax,” noted a renowned educationist who did not want to be mentioned.

Free Education Policy

The Free Education policy, a major social intervention programme, was one of the key campaign messages of the NPP and President Akufo-Addo (then presidential candidate) prior to the 2016 elections.

The NPP administration is set to implement the programme in September this year, as budgetary allocations have already been made for it.

Per the programme, every Ghanaian child, irrespective of his/her tribal, religious, political or social background, can access secondary education free of charge to help enhance their future.

Even before the programme is officially rolled out, the NPP administration has been receiving commendations and applause from Ghanaians.