A group calling itself Volta Youth for Justice is threatening to leave the National Democratic Congress (NDC) party following the voting out of Voltarians from the Executives of the party.

A spokesperson for the group, Jerry Agbesi, said members of the party in the Volta Region are tired of playing second fiddle in the party.

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“Our leaders have failed to focus on us so we are giving them some weeks to think about how they have taken us for granted else we would advise ourselves by defecting to another political party,” he said on Neat FM monitored by Adomonline.com.

His comment comes after a defeated National Organiser contestant, Anita De-Sosoo said the defeat of many Voltarian candidates who were aspiring to frontline positions meant that Ewes had been sidelined from the game.

Mr Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, an Akan, is the newly-elected Chairman of the NDC after beating Dan Abodakpi who is from the Volta Region and three other contestants at the Congress.

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Mr Agbesi believes the development is part of a grand scheme to ensure the founder of the NDC, Jerry John Rawlings, becomes redundant in NDC.

He also accused former President John Mahama of sponsoring delegates in NDC to vote for his preferred candidates ahead of the 2020 polls.

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“We have learnt with shock how assigns of former President Mahama ran helter-skelter, vigorously campaigning for the aspirants who won against our candidates. The NDC is ungrateful and we shall punish them for disrespecting us” he warned.



  1. …. who did the Volta regional delegates vote for. Did their collective votes in the tally show that they voted for their own, and others refused to support them?

  2. These people were Jerry Rawlings’ voters as opposed to being NDC members. For them, “No Rawlings, No NDC.” What do these people know about “One man, One Vote?””

  3. Serves you right. A taste of the danger of putting all your eggs in one basket. When JJ as Founder intimidated Prof Mills to death…; when JJ warned JDM of driving NDC to the ditch and refused to join the 2016 campaign and the Party lost…; when the barking dog was chained… ; when JJ was expected to have claimed back his Party but seemed to have aligned with NANA & NPP, do you think JDM woulD watch his ambition fizzle without a strategy?
    Didn’t we say NPP was an Akan party? So was NDC an Ewe party?
    Learn to spread your votes instead of being a “world bank” and a voter Region!

  4. Funny how politics has deranged to the gutters. In Ghana there is one people so if they voted for a preferred candidate why the tribal bigotry. Stop the nosenense.

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