The Youth Wing of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), in a strong-worded document, has condemned the Police Service for dragging pressure group, Arise Ghana, to court over its intended demonstration.

Arise Ghana informed the police of it’s agenda to picket the Jubilee House for two continuous days starting on the 28th June, over the worsening economic situation in the country.

However, the police, in a press release, said due to lack of agreement between the police and organisers of he demonstration on a time and location, the process has been submitted to court for determination.

The NDC, in response, believe the police is “unashamedly communicating its decision to use the court to thwart a planned demonstration by pressure group, Arise Ghana” and also deny overburdened Ghanaians from being up in arms with the government.

In a statement, signed by the party’s National Youth Organizer, George Opare Addo, it said an issue such as a scheduled date and time is trivial which could have been settled with organisers without necessarily resorting to a “last minute crude tactics” to frustrate the organisers.

It said “trivial issue as the scheduled time for the Arise Ghana demonstration could have been settled with organisers without necessarily resorting to a last minute crude tactics to frustrate the organisers. Indeed, the organisers, from media reports, have so far cooperated with the Police and had even acquiesced to demands by the Police to change the scheduled time to a proposed one by the Police. If the Police had a change of mind on the agreed time with the organisers, what prevented the IGP or his lawful assigns from re-engaging the organisers to find a middle ground?”

The NDC is accusing the Dampare-led Police administration of being a “a puppet of a corrupt regime interested in protecting a gang of thieves in government rather than the very poor people whose taxes he is feeding on.”

The party has urged the police to channel their energy into their true adversaries which are the “criminals in government looting the State.”

The NDC has indicated it’s readiness to support the organisers of the planned demonstration as it admonishes them not to be unsettled by any cowardice tactics by the police and government

“We urge organisers of the Arise Ghana demonstration not to be unsettled by this cowardice tactics by the Police and government. The resolve by all young people of our country is that the Akufo-Addo/Bawumia government has lost track on its promised deliverables and must be kicked out.  We stand in solidarity with the organisers and would lend all support where necessary to ensure Ghanaians rise in unison against this tyrannical government,” it added.