The National Peace Council is urging religious leaders to desist from using unsavory comments with the potential of inciting electoral violence as the country prepares for general elections in December. 

Chairman of the Council, Rev. Dr.  Ernest Adu-Gyamfi, emphasized the charge bestowed on ministers of the church to protect the peace and stability of the country. 

Speaking at this year’s Minister’s conference of the Ghana Baptist Church, Rev. Dr. Adu-Gyamfi charged church leaders to harness their platforms to encourage cohesion among members of the Christian fraternity. 

“Every minister of the Gospel understands we have a responsibility to protect the peace, stability, and unity of our country. Whatever we do in this country, we maintain the peace and stability and cohesion of our country,” he said.

The 61st Annual Refresher Course, Retreat and Business of the Ghana Baptist Ministers’ Conference was held on the theme: “Ministerial Ethics, Accountability and Responsibility in the 21st Century Church”. 

Rev. Dr. Ernest Adu-Gyamfi emphasized on the crucial role of the church in nation building.  

As a general election beckons, he noted the responsibility of the clergy in promoting peace and refraining from spiteful comments. 

“If 72% of us are Christians, then I expect that a lot of these people will be in the churches and therefore pastors have a responsibility through their pulpits to educate church members. Let’s avoid insults, cutting down people and things that reduce people to nothing. Be careful what you say and how you say it,” he said.

As a nation predominated by Christians, the Christian fraternity has been admonished to remain disciplined in the discharge of their duties. 

President of the Ghana Baptist Ministers Conference, Rev. Dr. Charles Owusu Ampofo, charged political leaders and the government to uphold the statutes of truthfulness and accountability. 

“We model political leaders. When things are not good we send them messages. Ghana belongs to all of us. It doesn’t belong to the incumbent or opposition. Public figures should be truthful to the work they do and keep faith to the citizens of this nation,” he said.

Adding to calls for a peaceful election, Guest speaker at the event, Irene Naa Torshie Addo-Lartey admonished actors in the elections to consider a collective win for the country through circumspection. 

“We must conduct ourselves to save the country and not break it. Ghana is the land of our birth. We don’t have any other country. We are surrounded by countries who are involved in coup d’etats, but God has preserved our country. We all should give peace a chance,” she said.