A member of the Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral project, Rev Dr Joyce Aryee, has expressed confidence that the current economic crisis will not stop donations towards the project.

According to her, the current situation the country finds itself in is transient and will soon pass.

“Human beings are so resilient. I am 76. I have lived through worse economic times in our country, therefore, I know economic times are as transient as the seasons of life,” she declared.

The former Minister of State made these remarks at a press conference on Monday.

“God has a way of touching our lives in ways that sometimes we don’t understand. We are still going to church, aren’t we? And we are still making donations, aren’t we? But times are difficult and that’s what gives me hope that never mind how difficult times are, some people will willingly support,” she said.

She further dismissed claims that the project has been stalled and urged Ghanaians to donate towards the noble course for God.