The  National Youth Organiser for the New Patriotic Party, (NPP), Henry Nana Boakye, has officially announced his bid for the position of National Organiser for the ruling Party.

His announcement comes as the Party gears up to elect new national executives ahead of the 2024 general elections.

In a press statement announcing the commencement of his campaign as next National Organiser, he stated that his decision to vie for the position is “premised on the enormous experience and relevant skills set I have acquired coupled with proven track record whiles rising through the ranks – from Polling Station, TESCON, Constituency, Region to my current position as National Youth Organizer.”

His campaign activities will commence “this week in Ashanti Region where I will meet newly elected and appointed Constituency Officers to put forth my vision and set of objectives as I seek to be the next National Organizer of NPP.”

He vowed to engage in a “totally clean and decorous devoid of insults or disrespect or personal attacks whatsoever” kind of campaign.

He added that he has great confidence in his track record and fully believes his 10 point strategic plan will be enough to convince the electorates to give him the position.

The 10 point strategic plan listed under the theme “Strategic Organisation for NPP’s Sustained growth & success” include:

“1. Developing an all inclusive & Participatory activity Master Plan

2. Operation Recapture Lost Seat

3. Strategic communication built on solid organisation & training

4 Resource & Logistic Mobilisation

5. A Stronger Volunteer/identifiable group Management System

6 Continuous training and capacity Building Programme

7. Special Wings (Youth, Women & Nasara ) Outreach Programmes

8. Strengthening the Party’s Membership Drive Efforts

9. Digitization (Operational & organisational feedback system)

10. Strengthening Diaspora Party Activities and Programmes” he said.

“I bring to the table rich and trusted experience in organization and leadership, and with a clear proven performance the organizational arm of the NPP under my watch will help deliver victory to our party people in 2024,” he concluded.