Renowned musician, Mzbel is ready to spiritually battle those who have made it their business to attack her son over his religious stance.

Since her son, Okomfo Black, mentioned in an interview he does not believe in the existence of a supreme God and he only owes allegiance to his ancestral deities.

After this interview, conservative Christians have been on his case.

They challenged Mzbel’s disciplining skills and religious orientation she has given to her son, for him to openly make remarks they say is blasphemous.

Okomfo Black’s interview has already led him to being ostracized by some of his school mates.

However, Mzbel, in a latest post said the attacks have gone beyond social media banter hence the need to spiritually fortify her son.

She shared various videos of traditionalists praying for her son and proclaiming messages of goodwill on his life.

In one of the videos, the traditionalist prayed against all those attacking Okomfo Black.

The mother-of-two said she is speechless and cannot fathom why her son’s religious stance has created a nationwide debate.

Mzbel maintained that, Okomfo Black is at liberty to belong to any religion like everyone else.