An unusual sheep specie is getting tons of attention from Lagos residents after it was spotted in a market.

Bypassers have trooped to a wet market in Lagos to have a vivid sight of the five-horned ram.

The ram was discovered by a potential buyer who approached a stand to purchase a sheep put on sale.

In videos making rounds on social media, the white ram looked no different from the flock, except for three extra horns sticking out of its ear area.

Despite some residents flashing cameras in its face, while others had a feel of the horns, the ram stood still, focusing on the grains of corn it was feeding on.

“God is wonderful”, a man was heard saying, while another elderly man revealed he has never seen a thing like that before.

Others have also attributed the discovery to blessings ahead of the Eid Adha celebration, which is symbolised with a ram, in remembrance of the sacrificial lamb whose blood paid the sins of humanity.

Watch video below: