The General Overseer of Alive Chapel International, Prophet Elisha Salifu Badu, popularly known as Salifu Amoako has said his rings are just for fashion.
Speaking to Osuani Afrifa on SVTV Africa, the Man of God explained that the rings have no strange powers and that is part of his fashion style.
“I am someone who loves fashion, if you take a close look at me I have bracelets and wrist watches” – Prophet Salifu Amoako stated.
He added that because he has been through hardships he sees it as a great opportunity to purchase anything he wants in life because his Maker has lifted him high.
Prophet Amoako indicated that rings are symbols of authority or title just like the clerical and should he takes it off, God would still work miracles through him.
“I don’t believe rings hold any power; if I remove my rings God would still work miracles through me.”
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  1. if what you are saying is true then put it down for us who critisize you of having charms in will stop it and also tell your fellow pastors to put thiers down and see what will happen in this nation

  2. he is a dam liar…i know where these rings are sold in the uk…they are spiritual rings..even some these rings has a manual that guides its usage..they are not mere rings..they contain power..i am throwing a big challenge to the so call man of God…if his rings are truly for fashion purpose then he should organized a programme and make sure he doesn’t wear the rings during the programme…and lets see the difference…or he should just stop wearing them completely ….its unfortunate that most people dont know how to recognize the true man of God…hence the multiplications of such crooks in the name of salvation..

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