A mum has gone viral online after sharing a difficult situation she’s found herself in with her own mother after the older woman made hurtful comments about her baby.

It can be so difficult when other people chip in with their opinions on your parenting style and about your children.

One mum recently found this out the hard way when her mother made some hurtful comments about her daughter.

The unnamed woman from the US took to Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum to share the difficult situation she had found herself in and admit that as a result, she had banned her mother from seeing her grandchild.

She asked fellow users if she was in the wrong for doing this and hundreds of people took the time to share their thoughts.

Her post read: “Ever since I (24f) was a kid, my mom has done nothing but criticize my weight. Made comments every time I ate, weighed me constantly, literally went to the school to tell them to make sure I never ate candy or treats or pizza, and even praised me when I subsequently developed an eating disorder as a preteen/teen.

“She told me at one point she would disown me if I ever got fat.

“I still see therapists and work through the damaged she caused me my whole life. I limit my contact with her because even as an adult she convinces me to weigh myself (I literally have a fear of scales) and gives me ‘advice’.

“I have a 17-month-old daughter. She adores her grandma, and I let them see each other every now and then since they both love to see each other, and I usually have my fiancé drop her off.

“Last night was a family gathering. I was invited and decided to go since the family I am close to was going and so many people would be there and I could keep my distance from my mom.

“My daughter was sitting on my aunt’s lap while I was there along with other people. My mom came over and said something like ‘Wow she’s getting chubby. She should go along with you to a Weight Watchers meeting and you can both learn good eating habits.’

“I was livid.”

The mum goes on to say how she is used to her mother making comments to her but was not prepared for her to ‘attack’ her child.

“I nearly lost it, took my daughter and said we were leaving and if she can say that s**t then she won’t be seeing grandchild ever again.

“One of my cousins texted me later to check on me. She said she agreed with what I told my mom also told me (I asked her to) that my mom is playing the victim and most of the people who were there think I’m a b***h.

“My aunt said it’s ‘cruel’ to keep a grandmother from seeing her grandchild.”

She added: “I don’t feel like I’m an a**hole but I’m genuinely curious if other people besides my family think I am. I’m going to do whatever it takes to make sure my daughter doesn’t have the issues I did and if that means keeping her from seeing my mom, I won’t hesitate from it.”

Her post went viral, with many being quick to share messages of support and agree the mum did the right thing.

One person replied: “OMG. Not the a**hole. You did exactly the right thing by removing your daughter from that situation. You know exactly where it leads and I think it’s smart to limit or go no contact with you mom for the sake of your daughter.”

Another said: “Red flags all over the place.”

A third wrote: “Toxic parents should never have access to grandkids as there’s no guarantee that the behaviour they exhibit towards their own kids won’t be dished out on grandkids (exactly the reason why my MIL has no contact with my son). Sadly OP has learned this the hard way. NTA OP. Keep protecting yourself and your daughter.”