The junior pastor of Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, Osofo Appiah who was assaulted for allegedly having sex with a married woman says the assault has affected his manhood making it difficult to have sex with his wife.

Osofo Appiah in an interview on Kofi TV revealed that he hasn’t had an erection ever since he was assaulted and stripped naked for allegedly sleeping with another man’s wife.

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He added that the size of his manhood has reduced and refused to erect after he was brutalized for allegedly banging a married woman.

Responding to the question of the real size of his penis, he said God gave him what he deserves.

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The man of God trended a few days ago after a video of him being assaulted for allegedly having sex with a married woman by some five men went viral.


  1. Please Osofo the size of your manhood is the same and hasn’t reduced. You are just embarrassed that everyone has seen it and you are probably being teased. As for the lack of erection its because you are still traumatized, the only person that can help you get it back is your wife. First sincerely apologize to her, I mean beg her continuously until she tells you its okay. Then you can be relaxed and guilt free enough to get your erection back. I presume you have made our peace with God by now.

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