Few days after Prophet Badu Kobi’s junior pastor was allegedly caught in a sex scandal with one of his church members, Prophet Kumchacha, Founder and Leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries has also revealed how a woman nearly put him in a similar spot.

Speaking on Adom FM’s drive-time show, Ofie Kwanso with Jerry Justice on Monday, the man of God said he received a call from a lady who said she wanted to host him for prayers and counselling at home.

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Prophet Kumchacha said after some initial hesitations, he decided to follow up to her house to pray for the lady.

When I got to her house, she was half-naked and her breasts standing like an old cassava [sic]. I decided to overlook and pray for her but she fell and I realised she had no panties on. She wanted to seduce me but I didn’t fall for it. That is why I go with my junior pastors [to such places] because these things happen,” he narrated.

“Some people come for consultations with no panties on and open their legs,” he disclosed.

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Asked how he is able to deal with such situations, he said: “you need to have a strong heart otherwise you will fall for the temptation set by the devil. Some women are good but there are so many dangerous ones [out there],” he advised.  

Prophet Kumchacha also defended Prophet Badu Kobi’s junior pastor by indicating that he was set up.

“If a woman sets you up, she will come out to say it to the public but if she is not she will be shy. The boys didn’t try. Why would they strip him naked if it wasn’t a setup? They should have handed him over to the police…”