After being married for a decade with three (3), the husband of this married woman wants her to be sleeping with a wealthy client of his because he (husband) is jobless and not financially sound.

According to the married woman in an inbox message to David Papa Bondze-Mbir on Facebook, during their university days, she agreed with her then boyfriend now husband to be going out with married men for money just to help the husband graduate from the University.

She said, after the death of both parents of her husband and things becoming difficult for her husband, a married man showed interest in her. “I discuss everything with my husband, even when he was just a boyfriend; so we assessed the entire situation, and came to a conclusion, that I would ‘play’ along, get as much financial assistance from him as possible, and then, break things off.”

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“Things were going on fine until the married man ‘fell’ in love with me, and wanted to rent an apartment for him and me to be staying in. His wife lived and worked in a different region – with their kids. He usually visited his family on weekends and on holidays, so it wasn’t so much of a problem for him” she added.

“I ended things because my boyfriend wasn’t in favour of the idea. In our final year on campus, we needed money to enable us to pass through the last semester, so we agreed I found another married man – to be spending on me,” she recounted.

The woman stated further that they both graduated and found themselves really good jobs, and got married. “Life was finally good for us. However, before marriage, we both agreed on putting an end to the affairs, because we were financially independent.”

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“My husband lost his job in February 2017, and he’s been home since. I am helping out with the home (financially) and I feel, we aren’t really that much in need of money. However, my husband wants to revive a past we had both agreed on putting an end to. He’s suggesting I consider dating a client of his at work, who is wealthy. I objected to this, and he is taking offence. He claims I am not earning enough to sustain the family, and his numerous attempts to secure a job are all turning futile.

He is indirectly now cautioning me to either make up my mind or he considers dating Sugar-Mummies for the same cause, to support the home. I love my husband, and I can understand his frustrations, however, we really are not starving. We are still okay financially” She narrated.

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