Motherhood is hard. You are faced with issues of making sure your kids eat well, sleep well, and adequately at that.

Some rush days are the toughest. Here are some mum hacks you will find useful and as lifesavers.

Tuck in the socks into each other: One of the most common items mums buy over and over is socks and that is because one of the pairs keeps getting locust.

The easiest way to ensure that stops is to tuck in the socks into each other immediately after laundry. That way, none will get lost and would be easy to find both at the same time.   

Mum hacks to save your sanity
Mum hacks to save your sanity

Food preparation:  It is advisable to plan the week’s food on the weekend and even make it. Dedicate a section of the fridge for the food for-the-week.

This way, you don’t have to rack your head on what to make the next day or waste your time making it from scratch.

If your kids are old enough to make their own lunch for school,l then you are really lucky. You can order and download my ebook for Easy To Make Toddler Meals here.

Have bins everywhere: To keep the house tidy at all times, assign everyone to their own basket. Place them in strategic places.

It is advisable to have one in the car also in case of days the kids eat in the car or you have a poop experience. Have a toy bin because the kids can scatter them around the house.

Assign duties to them to pick up all their toys into the toy bin. This way you get to clean and arrange toys less.  

Mum hacks to save your sanity

  • Pick Your Battles: Kids will sometimes be naughty. Count on this in getting some house chore lifted off you.
  • In punishing them, give them the option of escaping the punishment by getting some work done.
  • Rather than ground them or make them face the wall, make them earn points for freedom by working for it.

Mum hacks to save your sanityMum hacks to save your sanity

Keep emergency kits in the car: This action can come in handy on unpredictable days. Keep emergency kits in the car ranging from an extra set of clothes, diapers, first aid kit, snacks, etc. Get a family water bottle, an extra pair of shoes, and slippers. 

Line Your Car Seat: No matter how careful or potty trained your child is, accidents still happen. Minimize clean up by lining your car seat with a Piddle Pad.

Rotate Toys: Toy much toys is not only difficult to clean up, but it also doesn’t help the creative development of the child and can be overwhelming.

Minimize access to a lot of toys at the same time by dividing them into toy bins and rotating them. 

Above all, the trick is getting your kids involved. Don’t do it alone. Get them to help at home. Feel good with these hacks and use them.

Having hacked these tricks, your life is about to get better and easier.