Adopted daughter of the late Mr. Ibu, Jasmine Okafor, has bravely shared the heartbreaking details surrounding her brief marriage to her American husband.

Jasmine and her partner exchanged vows in a joyous court ceremony in September 2022.

However, just nine months into their marriage, Jasmine announced her separation from her spouse, sending shockwaves through their circle of family and friends.

In a candid interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, Jasmine shed light on the devastating reason behind the dissolution of her marriage.

She revealed that, her husband had undergone a vasectomy without her knowledge or consent.

The revelation of her husband’s secret procedure was a profound shock to Jasmine, as she had always dreamed of starting a family of her own.

Feeling betrayed and deceived, Jasmine admitted that this discovery was a deal-breaker for her, especially considering her young age and desire to have children.

During the interview, Jasmine expressed her belief that honesty and transparency are essential foundations for any successful marriage.

She shared that had her husband been forthcoming about his vasectomy, she might have been willing to work through the issue together.