One Abena Nyarkoa has been accused of killing her 27-year-old daughter, Millicent Ndolly, at Yaa Kese near Enchi in the Western North region.

Information gathered suggested that Ms Ndolly met her untimely death after her mother invoked curses on her for disgracing her in public.

Chief of Old Yaa Kese, Nana Bullu Kweku, who confirmed the incident in an interview with Adom News revealed the accused is his former wife.


According to him, a baby died in Ms Ndolly’s womb leading her into a two-week coma. The mother, however, earlier denied all the allegations leveled against her.

The truth is said to have, however, come to light after the elders of the community consulted the gods of their land about the death of Ms Ndolly. It was then that Ms Nyarkoa is said to have admitted guilt.

The chief said Ms Nyarkoa promised to revoke the curses and revive her daughter from coma after they met certain conditions.

Sadly, however, she is said to have failed to fulfill her part of the bargain which led to the death of her daughter.

The chief said the issue is currently before the Traditional Council for deliberation on the necessary punishment to be meted out to the mother.