A Kenyan mortuary has been forced to recall a total of five bodies which they released after one disappears mysteriously.

Upon embarking on a fruitless and frantic search for the missing body, the staff of the mortuary were left with no other option than to make the unfriendly move

According to a member of one of the affected families, they arrived at the Kiambu mortuary early Tuesday morning and were handed a body that was supposed to be that of their father.

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In his words;

“When we got into the mortuary we were given a body of a man but when we looked at it, we realised it was not that of Stephen Mburu. We demanded for our body. We were handed another one but still it was not the one we came to collect,”

Despite the recall, the issue remained unresolved until the mortuary checked its records, which revealed that on Friday, August 3, a family collected a body but moved it to the Kirinyaga hospital mortuary in preparation for burial which was to be held later this week.

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Upon inquiring, it was confirmed that the Kirinyaga family had collected Mburu’s body by mistake.

It was however unclear what caused the mix-up leading to the wrong body being transferred to Kirinyaga.

Mburu’s family, however, blamed the mortuary management accusing it of inefficiency for failing to conduct appropriate tagging and registration of bodies at the facility.

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