A man, whose identity is not immediately known, unlocked a new level of proposal when he went on one knee at an altar.

The lover boy asked the hand of his lover in church, while she was leading a worship session.

Not aware of the awaiting surprise, she was busily in the spirit, with her eyes closed while singing a gospel song.

For almost two minutes, her to-be groom knelt, waiting for her to end her ministration in order to proceed with his proposal plan.

The singer broke down in tears, as she receives the ring amid cheers and applauses.

The video has triggered reactions with majority of netizens condemning the would-be groom for not respecting the divine sanctuary.

The argument is that he could have proposed to his woman after, rather than interrupting the session.

Other Christians believe the presence of God is the best spot to take such a life-changing step.

Watch video below: