A security officer at Newmont Africa’s Ahafo mine reported missing on the evening of Wednesday, 27th July 2022 has been found.

A joint search party, made up of the Police, Newmont’s Emergency Team, Protea Coin Ghana
(contracted security provider) and community volunteers conducted an extensive
search for the missing security officer over the past four days.

A hunter found him at midday on Sunday, 31st July in a neighbouring forest reserve where he had travelled to himself.

The man is assisting the police with their investigations of the disappearance while Newmont has arranged medical and psychological support for him.

On Wednesday, 27th July at about 6.30 pm, the security officer informed his colleague
about using the washroom. After over 45 minutes of not returning to his duty post, his
colleague reported his absence to the supervisors on duty.

The company notified the Minerals Commission which undertook an on-site fact-finding investigation. In collaboration with his community leaders, police, local government officials, family and community leaders, a joint search team was initiated to find the missing officer.

“I would like to thank the joint search team who worked tirelessly over the last 72 hours to
find the missing security officer,” said Samuel Eshun, Acting General Manager, Ahafo South

“The safety and security of our workforce will continue to remain our priority. We will review
this incident thoroughly to ensure that the lessons are learnt to inform the further enhancement of our security protocols and procedures,” he said.