Dr Clement Apaak

The Minority in Parliament is calling for the cancellation of leaked papers in the ongoing West Africa Senior School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE).

This comes after Africa Education Watch raised concerns over the continuous leakage of exam questions.

On the part of the Minority, the leaked papers bring to question the integrity of the exam and the reputation of the West Africam Examination Council (WAEC).

“We have become aware of what has become a pattern trend of leakages to do with some papers that have been written and others being written.


“As we speak we find that development worrisome and unfortunate and we believe that it raises a lot of questions and calls to issue the integrity of the exam and the reputation of WAEC,” the statement read.

According to the group, copies of answered examination papers such as Social Studies, Core Mathematics and Chemistry Practical examinations, which appeared on social media platforms, were the same questions that appeared in the examination.

They have since called on the Parliamentary Select Committee on Education to “probe the circumstances leading to the leakage of Mathematics, Social Studies, and Chemistry Practical papers.”

A statement signed by the Deputy Ranking Member on Parliament’s Education Committee, Dr Clement Apaak, stressed there was the need for such leakages to be investigated.

“We are calling for immediate cancellation of all the leaked papers and we asking for WAEC to ensure that the remaining papers do not leak and WAEC ought to institute an immediate investigation to identify the sources of the leakages,” it added.