Michy, ex-lover of Dancehall King Shatta Wale, has sent a savage reply to him over his pleas of seeing their son, Majesty.

Shatta, in a snapchat post, revealed he has not seen their son in years after their breakup, and he is confident it is the doing of Michy.

According to the artiste, he would love to bond with his seven-year-old son and buy him toys like every responsible father does, but the opportunity has been snatched from him.

Using the same medium, Michy has responded, subtly indicating there is nothing preventing Shatta Wale from seeing his lookalike son.

Per her post, she exposed Shatta Wale for trying to seek public validation and sympathy, and not because he really wants to take his fatherhood role any serious.

Michy savagely stated that she has no lions guarding her son, and he is approachable and available at any given time.

She tagged his former lover as a social media parent, but deadbeat in actual life.