Vivian Jill and first son, Clinton Prempeh
Vivian Jill and first son, Clinton Prempeh

Kumawood actress, Vivian Jill Lawrence’s son, Clinton Prempeh, has eulogised his mother as she celebrates her birthday.

Miss Jill, who was born in 1983, turned 37 years old today (Friday), September 11, 2020.

In celebration of his mother’s new age, young Prempeh has taken to social media to share some photos of the actress. The photos have the actress looking dazzling in a white dress.


Sharing the photos, the young man said: “My cheerleader, my biggest star, my soul, my life, my queen, my world, my peace, my joy, my best friend, my chef, my love, my protection, my fighting partner, my everything❤️.”

Vivian Jill's 1st son Clinton Prempeh celebrates actress on her birthday

In his lengthy message, he thanked his mother for everything she had done for him and assured that he was going to do everything possible to make her proud of him.

He also prayed for God to bless the actress with old age and wealth.

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Happy birthday to my cheerleader,my biggest star,my soul,My life,my queen,my world,my peace,my joy,my best friend,my chef,my love,my protection,my fighting partner,my everything❤️dear mama do u know what I have been thinking about so bad now a days how am going to pay back everything u have done for me and when I think about that it motivates me more to work harder towards everything coz trust me I owe you a lot which is even mind blowing but today is your day and all I can do for now is to just ask for blessings from God to you mummy he never made a mistake giving you to me as a mother and I always thank him so bad for bringing you into my life🙏❤️Mum I know me so bad to bring someone like me up comes with a whole lot and I have also noticed something that no matter how bad I am you never give up on me Wow when I sit down to think about you I get sooo much reasons to love you more mummy❤️You have always being my super star even before the camera’s came in mum and it will be forever 🎂🎂🎂MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU SO MUCH AND MAY YOU GROW SO OLD WITH GRACE,PEACE,GOOD HEALTH AND I KNOW U LOVE MONEY SO THATS GOING TO BE MORE AND MORE AND MORE 🥂I KNOW THESE ARE JUST WORDS BUT ALL I WANT YOU TO KNOW IS I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY QUEEN AND I WILL FOREVER BE THE SON OF VIVIAN JILL LAWRENCE MY FIGHTER 🤘🏿GEE WE WILL BE GREAT TRUST ME EVEN HAVING U BEHIND ME MAKES ME FEEL SO GOOD❤️❤️HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY MUM ❤️❤️❤️ @vivian_jill_lawrence

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