A man, identified as Israel Emmanuel, who planned his own abduction in order to get his father to pay a ransom, has been arrested by the police in Nigeria.

Israel and his accomplices demanded a ransom of N1 million GHS (20,000), which was paid before his release.

However, when the accomplices attempted to cheat him of his share, he reported the matter to the police.

It is reported that the two collaborators, Fartaci Kucol and Zakka Nuh, stated they received half of the agreed fee, but Israel was not ready to be cheated.

He confessed the matter to the police, and his two accomplices who were also picked up similarly confessed their roles in the crime.

They told police Isreal was kept for eight days in a faraway village while they made the transaction with his father on his behalf.

After collecting his share of the declared N500,00; Israel returned home and told his family that he was released unharmed.

However, after realizing that N1 million was paid for his ‘freedom’, he could not contain the ‘betrayal’ from his accomplices.

Investigations have since commenced into the matter.