He was nearly burnt alive by his biological parents for choosing a wife, as against the mystery woman his parents presented to him.

This is the story of a Rwandan indigene, identified as Mugabarigira Jean Claude, who is struggling on a daily basis with painful sores as a result of the abuse.

The attack has left him badly bruised in his upper body, especially his chest, waist and back.

Sharing his story with Afrimax TV, he recounted the painful memories of what he referred to as the worst treatment he has faced in his over 40 years on earth.

He narrated how his parents were the typical loving type who did everything for him, but they went to the extreme when they made it their responsibility to choose a partner for him.

He, however, refused to even date the said woman, on the defense that she was a mystery, as she did not hail from their small community.

His decision, he said, infuriated his family but the worst was yet to come when he introduced Yvonne as the woman his heart longs for.

On how he was sure Yvonne was the ideal woman, he said they brewed a friendship after she stood by him throughout the ordeal he faced from his parents following the ‘mystery woman’ saga.

Despite strong opposition and disownment, he went ahead to wed Yvonne, with whom he now has three children.

The attack

On the fateful day of the attack, he said his family paid him a visit when he was alone at home. Though it was unusual, he said he read no meanings into it.

Unbeknownst to him, a drink he was served had been laced with sleeping pills, which knocked him off and gave them the perfect opportunity to launch their attack.

It was later revealed that his parents doused him with petrol, dragged him inside his chamber and set him on fire.

He was saved by Yvonne who returned in the nick of time before the whole house went down into ashes.

With the help of some neighbours, he was rescued and rushed to the hospital where he spent 22 days in coma.

As though that was not enough, he said his parents stormed his home on the day he was discharged to attack him and his wife with stones.

His parents escaped after their scream for help attracted neighbours who threatened to deal with the couple if they ever return.

Asked whether she is fed up with the constant harassment and if she feels a sense of guilt, Yvonne said her love for him is all that matters to her, and she will stick by his side for life.

That notwithstanding, he has promised to relocate his family when he is completely healed, disclosing they live on the edge, not knowing when the plot being fashioned against him will be launched.

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