File photo: Couple

A Nigerian man, identified as Brian J. Dennis, has shared how he faked his own death just to run away from a girl whom he once professed love to.

Narrating the awkward but interesting story via Twitter, he recounted they met for the first time during his project defence.

According to him, the lady was older but he didn’t care because he was in love.


As a smart guy, he made a sharp move towards her and after one week of trying out all his toasting styles, luck was finally on his side as the lady did not only accept his proposal but also allowed him have sex with her.

An incident which he bluntly described as the ‘biggest mistake of his life’ in the post.

However, after the sexual encounter, his attraction to her became less intense as the situation became worse when he found out the church she was attending at the time.

At this point, he started seeking ways to end the relationship but all his efforts proved futile till he faked his own death to the extent of designing his own obituary poster just to free himself from her shackles.

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