“Good people exist.” This could possibly be the best phrase to describe an incredible experience a Twitter user shared on his timeline after he found a wallet 17 months after he lost it under a bizarre circumstance.

According to Gideon Kwame Nyamekye, who uses the handle @kwame_kay, he lost his wallet a year ago and as fate would have it, he retrieved it through a good Samaritan on Tuesday in a very interesting way that left him and other social media users gobsmacked.

After losing his wallet, a good Samaritan by name Walid Abi-Karim found the wallet and has on numerous occasions been trying to reach out to the owner on Facebook.

Mr Nyamekye’s inactivity on Facebook delayed the early retrieval of his wallet.

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He had GH¢80., and his ID cards still intact when the wallet was returned to him.

“The strangest thing happened [on Tuesday]. I lost my wallet over a year ago and [on Tuesday]…as I tried to board a troski at Lapaz, a gentleman just tapped me on the shoulder and told me he had my wallet. [The] Guy went on to describe it and it’s contents. I was just shocked.

“The guy recognised me from my Facebook profile picture. Apparently, he’s been messaging me since February 2018 but I haven’t opened Facebook in forever. My 80 cedis was still in the wallet,” Mr Nyamekye posted on Twitter.

In an interview with him, he explained that he was extremely delighted to have found his wallet again, especially under such a rare circumstance.

He was also grateful to the young man who found his wallet.

“I was ecstatic. Initially, I was just shocked at how it all played out, I mean…having a complete stranger call out your full name isn’t very usual. But, I was just very happy, surprised and grateful to see my wallet again,” he said.

Mr Nyamekye also described Mr Abi-Karam as an “awesome human being.”

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In an interview with citinewsroom.com, the good Samaritan, Mr Abi-Karam, who found the wallet, disclosed that he returned the wallet because he wanted the world to know that honest people still exist.

“I just wanted the world to know that honest people are still around us. The wallet has been with me for 17 months. The first day I found the wallet, I opened and went through hoping to find his mobile number and call but I didn’t see his number, but I saw his ID cards and I realised he was a student of the University of Ghana.

“So I checked his full name on his ID and I was convinced everybody likes Facebook and I searched him on Facebook hoping to find him. I sent him a message on Facebook but no response, I saw his sister on Facebook too and I sent her a message too, but there was no response…but someway somehow, I was convinced I will join the same car with him and I will give him his wallet just as he lost it.”

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He called on the public to always ensure they return missing items to their owners or ensure they report to the police for the necessary action to be taken.

“This is to set an example. The best thing to do is to return missing but found items. If you don’t find an ID, it is best you return it to the police,” he added.

Source: Citifm