A British man found dead at a Spanish airport is thought to have been killed after an argument about food. 

Steven Allford, who was homeless, was found bound to a bench with his trousers pulled down near Malaga airport. 

Investigators believe that Mr Allford may have been involved in a disagreement about food after he was found with ham on his buttocks. 

Some who know Mr Allford have claimed the 51-year-old made several enemies by refusing to share his food with others, the Daily Mail reported.

He was found with his genitals in a can of tuna and two slices of ham on his exposed bottom. 

Police are currently pursuing the avenue that the food left on Mr Allford was a message from those he had upset.

An unnamed Finnish man, who is also believed to be homeless, has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and is being held at an undisclosed location. 

A post-mortem showed Mr Allford had most likely choked on his own vomit but further tests are yet to take place.