A 40-year-old woman and a mother of four has blamed her father for her present misfortunes in life as a result of her father consistently sleeping with her from age nine to 15 at Kotobabi in the Greater Accra region.

Narrating her ordeal on Asempa FM’s Midmorning show “Abrabo” Monday, Madam Felicia Incoom said, her father started having sex with her by inserting his fingers in her vagina when she was about nine years.

“My father inserted his finger in my vagina most evenings when I was about nine years. There are moments where he had to brush my vagina with his penis till he ejaculated on me and then starts having sex with me which was very painful” she cried.

She said he forcefully inserted his manhood into her vagina even though she was not develop enough physically.

According to Felicia, her father started taking advantage of her when the mother died at the age of nine and prevented her from living with her mother’s family.

She said she complained bitterly to her father to put a stop to the bad practice but he insisted she was matured and vowed to beat her up if she disclosed it to anybody.

He reportedly continued sleeping with her till she was about sixteen years, when a woman living in the same compound caught them in the act.

She confessed, and the appalled woman organized some men and her father was confronted.

“When the woman and the men approached my father to warn him, he got very angry, packed his belongings and left home forever. I cannot tell his whereabouts even presently. So I stayed with her after my dad left till I got married and God blessed me with four kids.”

Her marriage she narrated was nothing to write home about because the man she was married to and had four children with was a drug dealer.

According to her, her husband could hardly take care of her and the children and she was forced to sell the narcotics but stopped when she realised her kids take up the use of drugs. 

“I owe too many people. I owe about GHC 90,000.00 in life. I sleep on the streets. I don’t know the whereabouts of two of my kids. I only have two with me. I visited a fetish priest but I could not confess to him.”

Madam Felicia said later a pastor declared to her that she has committed an abomination and that was the cause of her misfortunes in life.

“In fact life has never been easy for me and I think it’s because of what my father did to me and the fetish priest confirmed to me. That is why I am suffering in life. In fact, Karma has taken revenge on me and I’m drastically distressed” she cried.

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