A young man was gunned down at Bole on the night of 23rd March 2022 for allegedly stealing a motorbike.

It is said, the alleged suspect, Mark was trying to steal a motorbike with his friends but they were chased by people said to be law enforcers who fired at them, killing Mark.

While it is speculated the Police in Bole did the shooting, others said it was done by a local vigilante group set up by the Bole Traditional Council to assist the police combat crime in Bole and its environs.

The gunned down Mark is a son of a sub-Chief of the Bole Traditional Area.

In another crime story, a young man who was going around killing fowls in Bole town was caught by the Youth of Bole and brought to the Palace of the Paramount Chief of the Bole Traditional Area, Bolewura Sarfo Kutuge Feso (I).

According to the youth, the tough man is suspected to be behind the killing of fowls and severing their heads, wings and some parts of the fowl, leaving the remaining part at the scene where the fowls are killed.

When the young man was asked by Bolewura why he was going round doing so, he said one Mallam told him to do that for his galamsey business to flourish.

He, however, claimed that he always bought the fowls.

The man said he has been able to build about 6 bedroom houses as a result of his sacrifice of fowls and that his galamsey business is flourishing.

The young man said he was told by the Mallam to do the sacrifice again but the youth caught him and brought him to the palace.

Bolewura called the police to arrest the man and to investigate the reason behind the killing of the fowls.